Upcoming 2018 Events


Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, February 21st Vancouver event


A New World Begins

Imagine a world without war, injustice, or fear; where no two days are alike; where there is nothing to kill or die for. Hard to imagine?

The Age of Aquarius has begun and the world will be as one. To helps us, our Elder Brothers — Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom — are here to guide and inspire us in the creation of a new world where co-operation is the norm and the principle of sharing governs our affairs. With Their help, we will create a golden civilization such as this world has never seen: built by our own hands and efforts.


Vancouver Main Public Library
350 West Georgia, Alma VanDusen Room

Wednesday, February 21

7 pm




Other Vancouver Events 2018:

VPL = Vancouver Public Library (Main Branch)
350 West Georgia Street


VPL Promenade (Sat. Jan. 27, 9:30-5:30)



7:00 pm

VPL Presentation (Wed. March 21)
Easter Full Moon Public Transmission (Thurs. March 29)
VPL Presentation (Wed. April 18)
Wesak Full Moon Public Transmission (Thurs. April 26)
VPL Presentation (Thurs. May 24)
Festival of Humanity Full Moon Public TM (Tues. May 29)
VPL Presentation (Wed. June 20)
VPL Presentation (Wed. Aug. 29)
VPL Presentation (September TBA)
VPL Presentation (October TBA)
VPL Presentation (November TBA)
VPL Transmission (November TBA)
VPL Presentation (December TBA)



VPL Promenade (Sat. Aug. 25, 9:30-5:30)
VPL Promenade (October TBA)


(non-VPL events)

Wellness Show Saturday/Sunday, Feb. 17/18
Car Free Day (TBA)
Carnaval del Sol (Fri./ Sat. July 7 & 8)
African Festival (TBA)
Word Vancouver (September TBA)





Edmonton, AB


January 9, February 13, March 13, April 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 9, November 13, December 11, 2018 EdmontonTransmission meditation talks



Can one person truly help a world in transition? More than you think!

Transmission Meditation provides a unique opportunity to work directly with the Masters of Wisdom in stepping down and distributing the new Aquarian energies during this period of global transformation. This dynamic group practice is simple to perform and requires no previous experience in meditation.

Make this vibrant service a part of your life!

Sai Baba Centre
9619 – 82 Avenue

7 – 8:30 pm


January 9, February 13, March 13, April 10
May 8, June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11
October 9, November 13, December 11

Second Tuesday of every month




Share International Network in Edmonton
Contact: 1-888-278-8272